Interface Summary
SnmpAuthoritativeSession This interface defines the methods that a session implementation must implement.
SnmpAuthoritativeSessionFactory Factory interface which creates SnmpAuthoritativeSessions and retrieves information from SnmpAuthoritativeSessions.
SnmpCustomer Interface passed to the SnmpService for all callback "order" operations.
SnmpSecurityInfo The SnmpSecurityInfo interface provides a means to store and pass local (user) security information used for sending/receiving messages to/from SNMP agents.
SnmpSecurityManager The SnmpSecurityManager interface defines methods for registering and unregistering Security Models with jSNMP.
SnmpSecurityModel The SnmpSecurityModel interface defines methods that all security models must implement to be used in jSNMP.
SnmpSecurityToken The SnmpSecurityToken interface is used to define the semantics for using security tokens.
SnmpService As of jSNMP v3.0, SnmpService supports all SNMPv1 requests (get, get-next, and set) along with SNMPv2/3 requests (get-bulk, report, and inform).
SnmpTrapListener Interface which represents a listener of traps and informs.
SnmpTrapProfile The SnmpTrapProfile represents a client's selection of which traps to receive.
SnmpTrapProfileFactory Factory interface which creates SnmpTrapProfiles

Class Summary
Asn1InputStream The Asn1InputStream takes a byte buffer and decodes it based on standard ASN.1 syntax.
SnmpAsn1Encoder The SnmpAsn1Encoder class contains static methods to do ASN.1 encoding for SNMP packets.
SnmpConstants Contains the SNMP type and error constants used in the jSNMP APIs.
SnmpLocalInterfaces Local clients of jSNMP should use this class to obtain references to the local SnmpTrapProfileFactory and the local SnmpService
SnmpOrderInfo SnmpOrderInfo objects contain information about caching and retrying requests.
SnmpSecurityLevels Defines security level constants and a method to validate a security level parameter.
SnmpServiceConfiguration The SnmpService incorporates a number of optimizations which may improve performance and reduce network load.
SnmpServiceLocator Deprecated. As of jSNMP v1.1
SnmpSystemClock The SnmpSystemClock keeps the time when the SnmpService started.
SnmpTrapEvent The SnmpTrapEvent contains all the information from a received trap PDU.
SnmpVarBind Variable Binding.

Exception Summary
Asn1Exception Exception thrown if the data being examined does not follow the ASN.1 format
SnmpSecurityException Exception thrown for any security model failure.
SnmpUnsupportedTypeException Exception thrown in the encoding and decoding phases if an ASN.1 type is unknown.

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