Interface SnmpSecurityInfo

All Known Implementing Classes:
USMSecurityInfo, CSMSecurityInfo

public interface SnmpSecurityInfo

The SnmpSecurityInfo interface provides a means to store and pass local (user) security information used for sending/receiving messages to/from SNMP agents. A SnmpSecurityInfo object may be shared by multiple sessions, and does not contains any session-specific information. The information required by this interface includes:

  1. a security model name
  2. a security model identifier
  3. a security level

An implementation of this interface may require more information than just the security model name/ID and the security level. For instance, a USM implementation of this interface might need to have getAutheniticationPassword and getPrivacyPassword methods. Because there is a 1-to-1 relationship between SecurityInfo and SecurityModel implementations, the USM security model must know of these other methods (and use them by casting the SecurityInfo object to the appropriate class).

Method Summary
 byte getSecurityLevel()
          Get the security level.
 int getSecurityModelID()
          Get the ID of the security model.
 boolean supportedBySnmpVersion(int iSnmpVersion)
          Determines if the given SNMP version supports this security info.

Method Detail


public int getSecurityModelID()
Get the ID of the security model. CSM and USM values are defined in the SnmpSecurityModel interface. New security model class IDs should not conflict and be greater than 255.
security model ID


public byte getSecurityLevel()
Get the security level. Possible values are defined in SnmpSecurityLevels.
security level
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public boolean supportedBySnmpVersion(int iSnmpVersion)
Determines if the given SNMP version supports this security info.
iSnmpVersion - SNMP version
true if the SNMP version supports this security info.

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