Maggie Pickering
Clay, Bronze, and Jewelry
Nipomo California

Maggie's interest in Art began in childhood. She cannot remember a time in her life when she wasn't drawing, painting or pursuing some other artistic endeavor, including working in clay for many years. A few years ago she inherited an enameling kiln and making jewelry has been her passion ever since. She is pretty much self-taught in this field and enjoys the endless challenge.

Pickering's approach to jewelry-making is fresh and this is apparent in her creative collection of versatile work. The feminine form, geometric shapes and sensitivity are all re-occurring elements in her work. Sometimes her pieces are of an architectural nature with strong lines, and sometimes they are simplistic and elegant.

Predominately using repurposed silver and copper in her work, she also uses Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and semi precious stones. As well as her work being artistically pleasing, it is important to the artist that her pieces serve as an expression of the personality of their owners.

You may check out Maggie's work on her website and on Etsy.

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